MJ Medical

MJ Medical redevelop integrated medical equipment planning and procurement management database


MJ Medical recently completed an extensive re-development of its bespoke medical equipment planning and procurement management database system. This tool, which includes the CoHBRA equipment content briefing dataset, is a key component in our delivery of medical equipment planning and procurement services for healthcare facility projects.  The re-development allows the management and manipulation of larger amounts of design and cost model data, as well as facilitating the organisation and  reporting of data in much more sophisticated ways. Technical Director Danny Gibson said, “Whilst an evolution from our old system, this re-development significantly increases the data management power of our key equipment planning and procurement management tool. This means we can offer our clients an even higher degree of accuracy, and manage a much greater quantity of data. As a result it has increased our ability to provide equipment related design and cost certainty from the very early stages of a facility development, all the way through the iterational design process, and then, if required, into the procurement and commissioning of the medical equipment.”


MJ Medical received a grant from the BIG2 Project funded from the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 in support of the database redevelopment. This project commenced in March 2017 and was completed in December 2017.