Cambridge Children’s Hospital

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Cambridge Children’s Hospital will be a world first hospital, integrating paediatric physical and mental healthcare in a unique way.

Project overview

The new Cambridge Children’s Hospital introduces a cutting edge integrated care model to acute paediatric medicine. The goal is to develop a joined-up model of care that fully integrates physical and mental health, and combines this with research into prevention and early diagnosis of diseases. The new hospital will provide the very best holistic care for children and young people.

Visualisation of Cambridge Children's Hospital

As the healthcare planner in an integrated design team, MJ Medical supported the project through the business case and design development process. We helped developed the integrated clinical services strategy and led the visioning process with key clinical and community stakeholders.

In leading the care model development process, MJ Medical captured the approaches and requirements of the various different care provider and research partners, advising on the impact various different care model options and scenarios would have on the capacity model. We translated these outputs into a detailed clinical design brief, including whole hospital and departmental operational policies, a room by room Schedule of Accommodation, and functional adjacency concepts.

Visualisation of Cambridge Children's Hospital exterior area
Visualisation of Cambridge Children's Hospital, focusing on interior

We supported the design team during the stakeholder engagement process, and undertook a Design Quality Indicator review to ensure brief compliance and design quality.

“We are so pleased to welcome Turner & Townsend and their team on board to help us deliver this ambitious project. They bring a team of global leaders in their fields, who will work with us to build a new type of children’s hospital – one which treats the whole child, putting them at the centre of everything we do."

Alex White, Project Director, Cambridge Children's Hospital

Visualisation of Cambridge Children's Hospital full building 'More than a hospital'