Jersey New Healthcare Facilities

St Helier, Jersey

The project involves the the redevelopment of almost all of the island of Jersey's acute healthcare facilities.

Project overview

At a cost of approximately US$1billion, the Jersey New Healthcare Facilities (NHF) programme is the most significant capital development programme in the island’s history. The multi-phase, multi-site programme includes the redevelopment of the islands 47,000m2 main acute facility, an ambulatory facility of 25,000m2 and a health village of 11,000m2.

Site visual from above of Future Hospital, St Helier, Jersey

As the clinical planning lead for the project, MJ Medical supported the States of Jersey by reviewing the systemic role of the hospital in the wider context of the Jersey healthcare system.

The focus was on reviewing and designing care pathways that ensured care was delivered in the most appropriate setting across the system, be that in a primary care, community care or acute care environment.

This required extensive engagement with clinicians, managers, and the community, and resulted in the identification of a functional content for the hospital that sought to maximise the estate utilisation efficiency and support the delivery of excellent clinical care.

“The MJ Medical team are highly competent and have developed trust and rapport with the clinical users which has been invaluable at this stage in the project. They are committed to developing a hospital that truly reflects the needs of patients, clinical staff and the community more generally.”

Dr Bernard Place, Jersey Health Services

Birds eye of grounds for Future Hospital, St Helier, Jersey