Southmead Hospital

Bristol, UK

Southmead Hospital is heralded as a key global reference point for healthcare facility design. One of its design features includes an innovative patient navigation system, based on the principles of the airport check-in process. It holds the largest proportion of single bed rooms for a hospital of its size in the UK – 75% of patients receive a private room.

We were integral part of the design and construction team, from the design stage to opening day. Working with Carillion, the lead contractor and SPV partner, we advised on the technical design. We led stakeholder meetings to determine the medical equipment content and specification and managed the procurement. Due to the quality of the services we delivered, North Bristol NHS Trust appointed us for further procurement services.

“MJ Medical enabled me to work with confidence with stakeholder groups using their knowledge of hospital design, available equipment and relationships with market suppliers. Their involvement proved invaluable in supporting our engagement with the Trust and added weight to procurement reports and recommendations.” – Mark Neeld, Project Manager, Carillion

US$960 million
1.2 million m²
800 beds