MJ Medical

MJ Medical celebrates 30 years of healthcare consultancy


Today, MJ Medical marks 30 years of delivering services in the healthcare design industry. Cathryn Dart and Brian Hobbs started the international healthcare consultancy in 1988, working from a derelict barn in Cornwall. Over the years, MJ Medical has evolved into one of the most recognisable brands in the industry, delivering an expanding portfolio of services around the world from its offices in London and Truro.

Brian Hobbs, Chairman and owner of MJ Medical, says: “We started MJ Medical during the middle-east healthcare boom in the late 80’s. Saudi Arabia and Iraq were starting to build their healthcare infrastructure on the back of strong economies. Needless to say, we were unaware of the twists and turns we’d face in the coming years. However, with strong leadership and pure grit, we were able to adapt our service offering to flourish through an evolving international healthcare market and make smart, if difficult, decisions that took us through several recessions and the financial crisis in 2008. I’m over the moon to witness the success of a business we started three decades ago, and proud to see a younger generation of leaders take our initial vision and turn it into something bigger than we had imagined.”

In 2018, MJ Medical is stronger and healthier than ever. It has shown robust year-on-year profit growth over the last six years, with this trend projected to continue into the medium-term future. The company has diversified its service offering and now provides health service planning, health facility planning, medical equipment procurement and operational support services across the UK, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.