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How to create responsive healthcare facilities


MJ Medical’s Technical Director, Danny Gibson, recently spoke at the 2014 annual Hong Kong Hospital Authority Convention. Since 1993, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority has been organising the Convention every year to promote sharing of experience among local healthcare professionals as well as inviting internationally renowned speakers to share their expert views, ideas and experience.

The Chairman of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Professor John CY leong opened the event saying, “The great enthusiasm expressed for the Convention each year is a testament to the unparalleled opportunity it provides to exchange latest trends and information, inspiring ideas and valuable experiences with distinguished medical experts, academics and practitioners from Hong Kong and overseas.”

To a convention of more than 5,000 employees of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority and speaking alongside Lord Darzi and Robert Francis QC, Danny presented an overview of how we can create healthcare environments that remain responsive throughout their building lifecycle.

Examining evidence from across the international healthcare community, the presentation explored the tension between clinical innovation and the permanent nature of the built environment. It included summary cases studies, published materials, and the results of interviews with leading healthcare design practices and think tanks.

The presentation looked at the impact of changes in clinical delivery models and medical technology and the growing demand that healthcare places on space and infrastructure within hospitals.

Danny outlined recent design approaches, technology planning and operational policies which respond to the challenge of future proofing and discussed whether they do indeed deliver responsive spaces in their operational phase.

He concluded by postulating what an optimum approach might be in consideration of the evidence and whether in reality healthcare buildings can keep up with clinical and technological innovation in a cost effective way.

For a copy of the video of the presentation and associated files, please contact nathaniel.hobbs@mjmedical.com