Healthcare planning

From analysing the healthcare needs of a community, to determining the most effective model of care, we help our clients develop a clear vision of the way they want to deliver healthcare and the facilities they want to deliver it from.

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Focal point
Needs and aspirations

Vision development

Developing the vision for a new healthcare facility is key in providing a focal point around which project progress can coalesce. We support the development a robust vision at outset of the process, capturing the needs and aspirations of a wide array of stakeholders which serve to guide the subsequent briefing and design process.

Sophisticated analysis
Robust modelling
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Demand and capacity analysis

Using robust modelling tools, we turn raw data into a sophisticated analysis of what the demand for healthcare is in a given community, contrasting this with the existing capacity to determine where the gaps exist.

Increasing effectiveness
Minimising patient anxiety
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Care model development

We review and develop our client’s approach to healthcare delivery, considering, amongst other things, clinical best practice, future technologies, financial constraints and organisational preference. We focus on increasing effectiveness and efficiency and minimising potential anxieties throughout the patient journey.

Defining required capacity
Infrastructure need
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Functional programmes

The output of demand and capacity analysis and care model development is a determination of what infrastructure is needed to address the gaps in the provision of healthcare. Our resulting functional programme summarises the required systemic and unitary healthcare capacity required to provide the furture capacity required.

Design reference point
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Function to form

Clinical design briefs

Our clinical design briefs serve as the reference point of our client’s vision throughout the development of a healthcare facility. Combining operational principles with a schedule of areas and functional adjacency concepts, they act as a fulcrum, translating the function of a building into its form.

Coordinating and inputting
Leading business case development
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Business case development

Our healthcare planning outputs form a fundamental part of the business case development process for a new facility. We lead or support the various stages of this process, coordinating and inputting into the assessment of strategic, economic, commercial, financial, and management components.