Healthcare design

With more than 30 years’ experience across a broad spectrum of healthcare facilities, our designers appreciate the critical relationship between healthcare planning and clinical design. We drive the design process from a clinical and patient experience understanding, putting staff, patients and processes at the centre of holistic designs that are robust, flexible, and adaptable for the future.

Responding to change
Complex phasing
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Estate strategies and optimisation

We balance the need for clear visioning with the pragmatics of delivering estate strategies within the constraints of site context, challenging timelines, and complex phases of work. Understanding current needs and future trends ensures we develop a sustainable and flexible framework capable of meeting future demand and change.

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Sense of place
Integrated briefing and design


We develop masterplans orientated around the individual, focusing on instilling a sense of place in communities. Our integrated briefing and design approach means our masterplans have a clear understanding of both clinical and non-clinical pathways, informing site-wide strategies such as orientation, wayfinding, safety, accessibility, building location and built form.

Designing from the inside out
Capturing stakeholder needs
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Clinicial design 1:500/1:200/1:50

Our philosophy of planning ‘from the inside out’ ensures that clinical pathways are optimised and informed by the latest clinical best practise and medical equipment and technology. We focus on building relationships and gaining the input of a wide range of stakeholders, ensuring their needs and aspirations are captured in the designed solution.

Flexibility and adaptability
Evidence-led architecture
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Healthcare architecture

Our architects’ knowledge of evidence-based design, informed by our ongoing research programmes, lead to the creation of healthcare buildings that can best meet patient’s needs, create optimum working environments for staff, and maximise efficiency of care provision. Our designs incorporate detailed considerations of flexibility, enabling them to adapt to future technologies, changes in clinical best practise and models of care, and the needs of the communities they serve.

Comprehensive & integrated
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Capture innovations

Employer's requirements

Our expertise across healthcare planning, design and equipment and technology gives us a unique ability to compile comprehensive and integrated Employer’s Requirements. We balance the need for including mandatory aspects with the opportunity to benefit from innovations derived through collaboration with consultants and construction partners.

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Assurance throughout process

Healthcare facility assurance

Our breadth of services means we understand the motivations and priorities of the different stakeholders throughout the healthcare facility development process. These skills can provide assurance at different stages, from economic appraisal of healthcare developments at inception stage, technical and licensing appraisals during design development, and contractual, permitting, equipment installation compliance requirements during construction.