Equipment and technology

Our experience and research activities enable us to provide detailed advice on how horizon technologies may impact the provision of care, and how healthcare facilities can be designed to ensure they are flexible enough to stay at the cutting edge throughout their lifespan.

Incorporating digitisation
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Responding to future technology

Equipment and technology strategies

Our approach to equipment and technology starts with strategic planning at the very earliest stages of the healthcare facility development process. The strategies we develop are informed by our continual research into technology futures, with the aim of enabling clients to fully harness the potential of equipment to improve clinical care and patient experience.

Supporting clinical best practise
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Informing design requirements

Equipment planning

Our room-by-room equipment schedules support clinical best practice and incorporate the most advanced medical technologies. We detail the design impact and requirements for the equipment, including MEP and structural, as well as provide radiation, laser, and MR protection advice.

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Analysing impact of decisions
Informing affordability considerations

Equipment cost modelling

Our complex database systems give us the ability to provide commercial stakeholders with equipment cost models that report against a multitude of parameters. These accurately capture the complex changes in the equipment content during the design development process, informing affordability considerations and analysing the effects of decisions made.

Maximum market participation
Generic specifications
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Specification development

We develop detailed equipment output specifications that are generic in nature, facilitating maximum market participation during the procurement process. Our specifications link directly to the requirements and aspirations captured in the equipment and technology strategy.

Market knowledge
Commercial negotiation

Procurement management

We manage the entire procurement process, from strategy development, tendering and evaluation, to final commercial negotiation. Our in-depth knowledge of the medical equipment market, and the tools and processes we have developed, mean we consistently achieve best value-for-money outcomes.

Mitigating risk
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Proven project controls

Installation and commissioning management

An intrinsic part of our service at the most pressured phase of a project. We employ standardised and proven project control techniques to coordinate and oversee the installation and commissioning of equipment, including existing asset transfers, ready for handover to clients.