Health facility planning

From design brief development to medical equipment planning, we help design hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities which support clinical excellence.

Coordinating and inputting
Leading business case development
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Business case development

Our health service planning outputs form a fundamental part of the business case development process for a new facility. We lead or support the various stages of this process, coordinating and inputting into the assessment of strategic, economic, commercial, financial, and management components.

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Translating function to form
Attaining the clinical vision

Clinical design briefs

Our clinical design briefs serve as the reference point of our client’s vision throughout the development of a healthcare facility. Combining operational principles with a schedule of areas and functional adjacency concepts, they act as a fulcrum, translating the function of a building into its form.

Realising the brief's vision
Guiding the design
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Design development and review

From initial concept sketches to detailed drawings, we work alongside the design team to ensure that the vision captured in the brief is realised in the final design.

Manage extensive data
Accessible online data sheets
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Room Data Sheet production and management

We employ sophisticated tools to create and manage the extensive room-by-room data generated through the iterative design process. The design team and client can access our data sheets online and, where needed, add input.

Supporting clinical best practice
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Incorporating advanced technologies

Equipment content and design impact

Our room by room equipment schedules support clinical best practice and incorporate the most advance medical technologies. We detail the design impact and requirements for the equipment, including MEP and structural, as well as provide radiation, laser, and MR protection advice.

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Informing affordability considerations
Analysing impact of decisions

Equipment cost modelling

Our complex database systems give us the ability to provide commercial stakeholders with equipment cost models that report against a multitude of parameters. These accurately capture the complex changes in the equipment content during the design development process, informing affordability considerations and analysing the effects of decisions made.

Maximising efficiency
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BIM drawings

Room layout designs

We support the design team by producing equipment layout drawings in 2D and BIM format. Our designs maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical rooms , particularly those that are complex and high risk.