Health service planning

We help clients develop a clear vision of how they want to deliver healthcare; one that is driven by efficiency, patient experience and clinical best practice.

Sophisticated analysis
Robust modelling
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Demand and capacity analysis

Using robust modelling tools, we turn raw data into a sophisticated analysis of what the demand for healthcare is in a given community, contrasting this with the existing capacity to determine where the gaps exist.

Increasing effectiveness
Minimising patient anxiety
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Models of Care

We review and develop our client’s approach to healthcare delivery, considering, amongst other things, clinical best practice, future technologies, financial constraints and organisational preference. We focus on increasing effectiveness and minimising potential anxieties throughout the patient journey.

Defining required capacity
Infrastructure need
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Activity modelling and functional programmes

The output of demand and capacity analysis and development of the Model of Care is a determination of what infrastructure is needed to address the gaps in the provision of healthcare. Our resulting activity model and functional programme describes the required systemic and unitary healthcare capacity.

Realising efficiences
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Maximising potential ROI

Estate rationalisation

Our modelling tools review in detail the existing healthcare estate; we map how services are configured across one or more sites and model different options for reconfiguration. This opens up the possibility of realising efficiencies and maximising potential return on investment.

Organisational model
Clinical skills
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Workforce planning

To complement the development of the Model of Care, we establish the organisational structure, identifying necessary roles and skill-sets required to support clinical delivery.