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MJ Medical to help design new Mercy Ship


Leading international healthcare facility consultants MJ Medical are working with the charity Mercy Ships Org to help complete the design of their new hospital ship.The ‘Atlantic Mercy’ hospital ship will function as a surgical specialty hospital equipped to support surgical specialties in both adults and children including general surgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery, otolaryngology, orthopaedics, urology and gynaecology. The hospital will also provide screening, pre-operative and post-operative outpatient care in support of the surgical services.

Dr Peter Linz, the International Chief Medical Officer of Mercy Ships says ‘After our initial meetings, we are excited to be partnering with MJ Medical on our new ship project. MJ Medical has completed a review of our hospital design and will assisting us in detailed planning of how to equip the hospital with medical equipment. MJ Medical will develop detailed elevation drawings of each room and their state of the art on-line room design and equipment management system, OSU, will be invaluable in being able to execute the project with the other key stakeholders spread across the globe. MJ Medical has vast experience in the design and equipping of hospitals in unique environments throughout the developing world and also has helped the Royal Navy in the equipping of the hospital ship RFA Argus. It was clear from our interaction that MJ Medical shares our vision to use this important project to help the forgotten poor of Africa’

Mercy Ships Org is an international organisation with a mission to increase access to health care throughout the world. Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to transform individuals and serve nations, one at a time. Mercy Ships works with host nations to help fill the gaps in health care systems, while serving the immediate needs of their population. Mercy Ships provides a variety of training opportunities for medical professionals (surgeons, nurses, administrators, and community health workers), along with curative surgical interventions. Collaborating with qualified local and international partners, Mercy Ships programmes offer holistic support to developing nations striving to make health care accessible for all.

Brian Hobbs, Chairman of MJ Medical says ‘The challenge of helping to provide health care services on a vessel to the standards of care that Mercy Ships aspire to is a task our team are privileged to be involved with. We will bring our expertise of designing and developing health care facilities throughout the world to ensure that this project becomes a world leading ship board healthcare facility. In addition to our land based healthcare projects, our experience of providing design and development advice to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship board medical facilities will compliment the considerable experience of the Mercy Ship medical teams