Circle Bath

Bath, UK

Circle Bath is the first of a set of new independent hospitals from CircleHealth. The company was founded to offer a radical approach to healthcare by giving doctors shared ownership in the business. Circle Bath is also the first hospital designed by leading architect Foster and Partners, presenting a fresh approach to clinical design.

CircleHealth appointed MJ Medical to work closely with the architects to develop operational concepts and translate them into a design brief. At the time, CircleHealth was a concept company led by a team of investors. MJ Medical provided clinical insight throughout the process, ensuring the chosen concept and approach worked within a healthcare context. After talking through the concepts, we carried out detailed design development. We established the 1:50 clinical and non-clinical room designs to rationalise the ideas and ensure they would work in a clinical setting. We also developed and managed Room Data Sheets, outlining the specific design details of the room.

US$54 million
26 beds